About Ertito Montana

His real name is Victor Villayandre, an illustrator from Madrid. He completed his art studies in Cartoon and Comic at the ESDIP (College of Professional Drawing). Although he has never stopped drawing, his first work in the world of professional comic books was in 2003, with Mack & Kuack for Hiphopflash magazine.

He later started self-publishing by creating the Zona 00 cómics label where he published Bea Gressive in 2005. He entered the world of animation by drawing and animating a few chapters of the series Dexter's Laboratory: Dexter presents, broadcast on Cartoon Switching to the advertising industry, he createdcharacters and animated a 3D TV commercial for the Rover Mg car brand. Still in advertising, he did work for Universal Records, Fanta, A3 TV, Tele 5 and other less reputable companies.

In 2008, he illustrated several children's books Historias de Algoria (Algoria Stories) and Las clases del mal del Dr. Libelious (The evil lessons by Dr. Libelious) based on the TV show Los Algos on Cuatro TV. In 2009, he drew the Trancas and Barrancas Network Spain. characters (from the television show El Hormiguero on Cuatro TV) for books and marketing.

He also illustrated the book Los experimentos de Flipi (Flipi's experiments) and the packaging for El Gran Juego de Flipi (Flipi's great board game) for the same company.

In 2011, returning to the world of comic books and on his own label Zona 00 cómics, he published Lei -Li: La Rabia del tigre (Lei-Li: The Rage of the Tiger) # 1 and # 2, Cuchillo (Knife) # 1 and # 2, and illustration notebooks Suicide Cartoons Girls # 1 and # 2 which would later be digitalized for the DriveThruecomics platform.

Between 2012 and 2013, he published several issues of the eVentures with eBabe series scripted by Brie Brown for the American label Blink of an Eye.

He is currently working on several comic books, including Sicarios, Spooky Encounters and the Street Tiger published on He recently publish Sicarios on Aces of Weekly - the multi-award-winning, exclusively onscreen comic art magazine published by David Lloyd and Arawna Bounty Hunter on Amigo Comics, scripted by Daniel Storach.

You can contact me for works and other things in: e-mail / facebook / deviantart / flickr / instagram


one character: inked, 210 x 297 mm (8,2 x 11,4 inches): 70 € / two characters: inked, 210 x 297 mm (8,2 x 11,4 inches): 90 € / various characters: inked, 210 x 297 mm (8,2 x 11,4 inches): 150 € . All the commissions will be made on high-weigh paper (370 gr.) Payment: you can use bank transference or Paypal. If you have any doubt contact:


2003 - Mack & Kuack, published by Hiphopflash magazine (España)
2005 - Bea Gressive, published by Zona 00 comics (España)
2008 - Historias de Algoria, published by Alfaguara (España)
2008 - Las clases del mal del Dr.Libelious, published by Alfaguara (España)
2009 - Los experimentos de Flipi, published by Alfaguara (España)
2011 - Lei-li: The rage of the tiger, published by Zona 00 comics (España)
2012 - Cuchillo, published by Zona 00 comics (España)
2012 - Suicide Cartoons Girls, published by Zona 00 comics (España)
2013 - eVentures with eBabe, published by Blink on an Eye (USA)
2015 - Spooky Encounters, published by Zona 00 cómics (España)
2015 - Paranoic Demond, published by Zona 00 cómics (España)
2016 - Galaxy Girl, published by Potential comics (USA)
2014 to actually - Sicarios, published by Zona 00 comics (España) & Aces Weekly (UK)
2017 - Street Tiger, published by Zona 00 comics (España) & Amigo Comics (USA)
Coming soon - Tales of Rogues, published by Amigo Comics (USA)
Coming soon - Sicarios (graphic novel), searching publisher
Coming soon - Abraxas, searching publisher
Coming soon - Lady Goodbye, searching publisher
Coming soon - Odette, searching publisher